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Condition of the roads

The main roads in Namibia are all asphalt and in excellent condition (speed limit: 120 km/h).

The gravel roads are also in good condition, but one is always advised to be extra careful on these roads (speed limit: 50 - 80 km/h). Caution! In Namibia, you must drive on the left side of the road! You must be aware that there might always be wild animals on the roads, especially at dusk! You are advised to always carry sufficient water and petrol with you. The nearest petrol station to KuanguKuangu is at Solitaire. If you stop there, we recommend trying the bread and the apple crumble they sell, both home-baked by Mouss.
You can reach KuanguKuangu in a normal car, it is not necessary to have a 4 wheel drive vehicle. 

Local time

Mobile telephone

Mobile phones function throughout most of Namibia, including remote desert zones and Naukluft mountains. At KuanguKuangu there is perfect reception.


No specific vaccinations are required to stay in Namibia. The tap water at KuanguKuangu is always potable. There is a malaria risk only in the extreme North of the country (Ovamboland and Caprivi), from November to June.

How to get from Windhoek to Kuangukuangu

By private aeroplane

The international airport Hosea Kutako is 45 kilometres from Windhoek. It can be reached by public transport.
We can organise a flight by private aeroplane for you, from Hosea Kutako airport to KuanguKuangu, with one of the following companies (which are all licensed, work with experienced pilots, and follow the strict Namibian rules of aviation).

In rented car

You can also rent a car yourself with one of the namibian car rental companies at the Hosea Kutako airport or in Windhoek: Avis, Hertz, Budget, Imperial Car rental...