KuanguKuangu – on our way to Sossusvlei dunes in Namibia


« Un endroit unique au monde, perdu au milieu de nulle part et si proche des étoiles! J’ai pu assister à mon premier lever de lune derrière la montagne. Merci pour ces instants magiques à KuanguKuangu, qui resteront longtemps gravés dans nos mémoires. » Myriam

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« I discovered KuanguKuangu just by chance, on our way to Sossusvlei. this was definitely the best decision we ever took! Here I have learned to hear the silence! I would like to hear it again as soon as possible! I leave here a piece of my heart. » Alice

« La réalité de KuanguKuangu dépasse nos espérances. Une étape indispensable au cours de ce voyage en Namibie, déjà fantastique. Nos hôtes, si prévenants, étaient là pour parfaire le tableau. On aurait aimé pouvoir rester plus longtemps dans la région du Naukluft. » Sandrine

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« As you arrive the scenery that welcomes you is just overwhelming and if that would not be just enough, it gets even better as we move forward. What a natural reception! The lodge and the people in it match perfecly in this stunning wonder. Our sincere appreciation to Willem and Hannetjie. Special and simple details, like driving back to the lodge after a sundown drive, with the LandRover´s headlamps switched off so that one could appreciate the starbright sky and enjoy all the peacefulness was magical. » Aurélie

« Fantastic, quiet location and wonderfully designed home. Thanks for offering other people the pleasure of sharing your secluded home-away from home. We hope to come again and if we do, we’ll certainly stay longer under the milky way than the 2 days we were here now. » Maria

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« KuanguKuangu is set in a stunning location – the view from our bed was one of the enduring memories of our holiday in Namibia. You can really get a feel of the vastness of  Namibia from here. The lodge is professionally run and the service cannot be faulted. The food was Michelin-starred, the best that we had in Namibia! The drive from Windhoek is only 3 hours. We would recommend that visitors stay at least 3 nights, in order to enjoy the nearby mountains, Naukluft parc, Sossusvlei dunes, Kuiseb Canyon, and just relaxing there! You can also arrive with your private plane. » Alice

« Nous avons pris à KaunguKuangu nos plus belles photos de Namibie. Les lumières sont extraordinaires. Nous recommandons le trek dans les montagnes alentour… Un must! » Pierre